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To avoid catastrophic climate change, scientists estimate that at least 80% of fossil fuels need to stay in the ground. Across the Rocky Mountains, communities are standing up to oil, gas and coal interests to say a resounding “NO” to pollution, poisoning and climate destruction.

From May 7th -12th, in Denver, CO, a coalition of national, regional and local organizations will be hosting a Keep It in the Ground Action Camp to build for a stronger climate justice movement in the Rockies.

Apply now for the Keep It in the Ground Action Camp in Denver, CO from May 7th-11th.

The camp will focus on campaigns and strategies to keep fossil fuels in the ground – ending the leasing of public lands and waters for drilling and mining; stopping proposed fossil fuel infrastructure and development; and the rapid transition of our existing extraction-based economy to one rooted in justice and sustainability.

This camp will take participants through the tools used in Keep It in the Ground campaigning, including non-violent direct action and strategic communications. Food and basic lodging (camping, or simple dorm-style beds) will be provided for each participant.

There are limited travel scholarships available, please note that on your form if you need travel support.

Apply now for the Keep It in the Ground Action Camp in Denver, CO from May 7th-11th.

Please sign up now! And we’ll see you in Denver!

For the Rockies, Rising Tide North America

P.S.- Join us for the post-camp action at the Bureau of Land Managment public land auction on May 12th.

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